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  • Gillian Pollack's wrap up of her HNSA Conference masterclasses September 24, 2017
    Dr Gillian Polack is a Medieval historian and has PhDs in both History and Creative Writing. She researches how history and fiction interface and has a strong interest in how genre narratives operate. She has also been a reviewer, critic and non-fiction writer and an award judge. Gillian's latest novel is The Wizardry of Jewish […]
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  • 2017 HNSA MELBOURNE CONFERENCE September 24, 2017
    Join our celebration!On the weekend of 8th – 10th September 2017, the Historical Novel Society Australasia (HNSA) is holding its Melbourne conference at Swinburne University, Hawthorn, exploring the theme of Identity: Origins and Diaspora. Our full programme can be found at our website.  Kate ForsythOver 60 fabulous speakersIn a celebration of the historical fiction genre, […]
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  • Writing and Publishing Hidden Stories - by Dr Glenice Whitting August 31, 2017
     Writers often dream of being published and getting their work ‘out there’. I am no exception. I had just completed my Masters of Creative Writing at Melbourne University when my first novel, Pickle to Pie co-won the Ilura Press International Fiction Quest. This meant a cash advance, plus publication and I was beside myself with excitement. […]
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  • Historical Costumes: Walking in a Character's Clothes August 27, 2017
    One of the best ways to bring an historical novel to life is through detailed research. Nowadays there are many channels for research – primary sources are more available online than they’ve ever been, and often free to access with a click of a button. Those with a larger budget can travel and immerse themselves […]
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  • The Enduring Fascination of Historical Crime Fiction by Christa Ludlow August 24, 2017
    Historical crime fiction has an enduring fascination. The possibility of journeying back through time to the era of Sherlock Holmes, gaslight and hansom cabs; constables patrolling streets shrouded in fog; detectives attending autopsies in chilly underground caverns – what could be more enticing? We don’t have to travel to London to experience these thrills - Sydney […]
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