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Manuscript Bootcamp with Nadine Davidoff

17 October 2021 | 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

In this full-day ‘manuscript bootcamp’, freelance book editor and writing teacher Nadine Davidoff will analyse the fundamental principles of compelling fiction.

What is voice and how does a writer cultivate it? What are the essential components of a powerful opening? How does a writer choose the best angle on their story? What is the most effective point of view? What are the options for structure? What are the most effective ways to evoke character and setting?

Drawing on examples from historical fiction, Nadine’s workshop will expose the hidden architecture that scaffolds the best writing. Writers will come away with a renewed understanding of these key structural principles and how to apply them to their work.

Session 1: 9.00—10.45
Our first session will examine the fundamental questions of voice and focus. Is your voice distinctive and fresh? Does it express your unique sensibility? Does the writing feel urgent, and emotionally true?
A book should address one key question. What is your core enquiry? What are you writing towards?

Session 2: 11.00—12.45
This session focuses on narrative—the vehicle for your story. Narrative encompasses point of view, vantage point and tense. We will look at the pros and cons of each choice, and also consider narrative pace. How does one accelerate a narrative, or slow it down?

Session 3: 1.45—3.15
In this session, we will look at options for structure and analyse the components of a powerful opening.

Session 4: 3.30—4.30
Finally, we will discuss ways to reveal character, and illuminate the inextricable relationship between character and setting.

About Nadine Davidoff

Nadine Davidoff is a freelance book editor / writing teacher with extensive trade publishing experience. She has worked as a senior editor at Random House and a commissioning editor at Black Inc. Nadine conducts regular seminars and workshops for RMIT, Melbourne University and writers’ centres across Australia. For further information:




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