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The Historical Novel Society Australasia (HNSA) is recognised as the home of the historical fiction genre in Australia as the third arm of the international Historical Novel Society. HNS welcomes readers and writers from all around the world, and information about joining the society can be found at the main HNS website.

HNSA promotes the writing, reading and publication of historical fiction, especially in Australia and New Zealand, through its biennial conferences held since 2015. Our events showcase the best literary talent and enable readers, writers and publishing professionals to celebrate the genre.

The inauguration of the ARA Historical Novel Prize is the crown jewel in HNSA’s suite of literary contests.  HNSA also runs the ARA HNSA Short Story Contest, the TCW HNSA First Pages Pitch Contest, and introduced the Colleen McCullough Residency held on Norfolk Island in 2019. In 2020, it also announced the Elizabeth Jane Corbett Mentorship for Young Adult historical novelists.  

The society considers the historical fiction genre to be important to both the entertainment and education of readers as it contributes to the knowledge of the reader and provides a valid perspective beyond the viewpoint of the historian. Both the imagination and dedication of historical novelists present an authentic world which can enrich a reader’s understanding of real historical personages, eras and events.

The HNSA was formally established in 2014. Our first conference was held in Sydney in 2015. In 2017, the conference expanded and moved to Melbourne. Our recent conference in 2019 was held in historic Parramatta with 3 streams including an academic program. Our next conference will be in 2021.

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