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Imagining the Past, episode 6: We Need to Talk Bette and Joan

In this week’s episode of Imagining the Past, Linda Funnell interviews Jane Caro and Ali Alizadeh about their approach to writing about well-known historical figures: in their cases Elizabeth I and Joan of Arc respectively. Elizabeth I and Joan of Arc have already been the subject of countless books, engendering myth, obsession and various interpretations

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What historical fiction means to me: Elisabeth Storrs, HNSA Chair

‘Enter Ed Federman again…He was so impressed with the calibre of  our HNSA authors and conference programs that he approached us with the idea of ARA Group establishing a substantial literary prize dedicated to historical fiction with prize money of $30,000! Once I picked myself up from the floor, I said, ‘Yes, please!’” Tomorrow, 30th

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What historical fiction means to me: Lou Greene – the groundling’s perspective

‘The best historical fiction authors walk a tightrope: while their writing must illuminate the past through an illusion of authenticity, it must also make emotional and psychological connections with contemporary readers.’ We’ve enjoyed some fascinating interviews from the top tiers in this ‘What historical fiction means to me’ series of interviews, but what about the

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What historical fiction means to me: Sophie Masson

‘A novel that grips the heart as well as the mind; that you want to read more than once; that makes you feel you have gone on an extraordinary, illuminating and thoroughly immersive journey into the past…’  Each of us has our own idea of what makes a stand out historical novel. In this interview, award-winning

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What historical fiction means to me: Pamela Hart

‘A story which brings the past alive, getting the details right without compromising the story, is top of my wishlist.’ I’m sure we all must have a subconscious wishlist of criteria that we’re hoping will be met whenever we pick up a new work of fiction. In this HNSA interview, Pamela Hart, an award-winning historical

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