2019 Historical weapons re-enactments

Indulge your inner Basil Rathbone/Mandy Patinkin/Maisie Williams at our presentations on historical swordfighting and archery.

VENUE: EA Building, Western Sydney University, Parramatta (South) Campus,

Cnr James Ruse Drive & Victoria Rd, Rydalmere

Entry to the Historical Re-enactments sessions is included in the Weekend or Day Only ticket prices but seating is limited. Please book your seat by booking a free place in the session.

Saturday 26 OCTOBER 2019


12.20 -1.10 pm in Room EA.G.34

The Medieval Archery Society’s collection of arms and armour reproductions spans the entire Medieval Period, from the Viking Age through to the height of Chivalry. As well as displaying the weapons, we will demonstrate their use, with presenters who bring over a decade of Living History experience. The collection ranges through the swords of the nobility, to the English Longbow, a weapon that proved a great leveller on the Medieval battlefield. Our presenters will also be dressed in garb of the Middle Ages, and will be able to also give some insight into Medieval costume and lifestyle.

Richard Halcomb and Matthew McDonnell have been active in Australian Living History for over a decade, and bring with them a wealth of knowledge of Medieval arms, armour, and lifestyle.

Limit: 30 people

Cost: Free

Sunday 27 OCTOBER 2019


9.50 -10.40 pm in Room EA.G.34

Limit: 30 people

Cost: Free

Sunday 27 OCTOBER 2019


12.50-1.50 pm (lunchtime) in Room EA.G.18

Unbeknown to most, the historical martial arts of Europe were well documented at the time and hundreds of these manuals have survived to today. These manuals detail comprehensive and elegant fighting arts, with the Italian fencing systems being one of the most heavily represented in the surviving manuals. Historically, Italian fencing masters were in high demand throughout Europe for their weapons and teaching skills. The Stoccata School of Defence will be demonstrating the historical use of sword, rapier, two handed sword, and polearms, as described in the Italian fencing manuals published from the 16th to 18th Century.

Richard Cullinan is the Chief Instructor of historical Italian fencing systems at the Stoccata School of Defence. He first studied Italian fencing in 1997 under Peter Linich, Maestro di Scherma. Building on this classical foundation, he branched out into historical fencing systems, and is now the leading researcher and exponent of historical Italian fencing systems within Australia, internationally recognised for his research in Bolognese swordsmanship, and has given seminars in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. He has also qualified as an Instructor at Arms in Classical Italian fencing through the Fencing Masters Certificate program at Sonoma State University, California.

Cost: Free

SPECIAL  NOTE: Two demonstrations will happen at the same time as sessions in the main program during the weekend. One demonstration will be conducted during lunchtime on Sunday 27 October.

See the full conference program here.

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