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Workshop: Research & Fieldwork with Mirandi Riwoe

Online Via Zoom

The thought of writing historical fiction can be daunting. Writers might have a great idea for a historical novel but find the necessary research and its interpretation into fiction a little overwhelming. In this workshop, Mirandi Riwoe will discuss research methods and the writing processes involved in writing a historical novel. The workshop will include ... Read more

Workshop: Editing with Elena Gomez

Online Via Zoom

In this three-hour workshop, freelance editor, mentor and writer Elena Gomez will share foundational principles of editing compelling historical fiction. This workshop will cover different types of editing – including proofreading, copyediting and structural editing. Key structural elements covered include voice, structure, character and setting. This workshop will share editing tools that writers to apply ... Read more

Workshop: Parallel Narratives: Intertwining Multiple Stories in Historical Fiction with Ella Carey [SOLD OUT]

Online Via Zoom

Flitting between different storylines creates intrigue and anticipation in your readers, and allows you to look at past events from multiple perspectives. But how do you braid narratives together so that they link up to reveal the broader picture? What makes a reader engage with more than one story, character and setting at one time? ... Read more

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