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Research and Fieldwork with Mirandi Riwoe

Online Via Zoom

The thought of writing historical fiction can be daunting. Writers might have a great idea for a historical novel but find the necessary research and its interpretation into fiction a little overwhelming. In this workshop, Mirandi Riwoe will discuss research methods and the writing processes involved in writing a historical novel. The workshop will include ... Read more

Writing Historical Romance with Christine Wells

Online Via Zoom

Join international bestselling author Christine Wells for an in-depth discussion on writing historical romance. In this session, you will learn how to use historical research to develop a sparkling romance novel premise that will capture reader attention, the nuances involved in structuring historical romance, and the difference between genre romance and historical fiction with a ... Read more

Historical Crime Fiction and Mysteries with Meg Keneally

Online Via Zoom

This workshop with Meg Keneally will look at how historical crime fiction works. What makes a good historical crime novel? How do you create a pacey, immersive reading experience? We’ll look at character, plot, setting and voice. This workshop will be interactive, so come prepared with questions! This workshop includes a 15 minute break. This ... Read more

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