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Panel Spotlight – Strong Females versus Survival of the Fittest

How good is this year’s HNSA Conference? It’s 1.45 pm on Sunday 27 October. I’ve enjoyed another round of networking over lunch and I’m on the home stretch. Having tried–and failed–to clone myself, I’ve already been faced with some tough choices between the many fabulous panels on offer. Now I have another lineball decision ahead

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HNSA 2019 Program Changes

‘The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley’ – Robert Burns ‘To a Mouse’ The HNSA 2019 program features over 60 speakers in 25 sessions across 2 days. As program director, I was pleased that all the moving parts fell into place in March. However, some of our authors have needed

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Author Spotlight — an interview with Ali Alizadeh

Ali Alizadeh is an author and scholar. His books include a novel about Joan of Arc, The Last Days of Jeanne d’Arc, described as ‘miraculous’ in The Sydney Morning Herald; ‘extraordinary’ in Australian Book Review; and longlisted for the Australian Literature Society (ALS) Gold Medal. His other books include Iran, My Grandfather, a semi-fictional history

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Spotlight on the TCW First Pages Pitch Contest

‘Pitch contest entries are now full. All places have been taken.’ I flounce back into my chair, cursing my hesitation about entering this contest. Now I’ve missed out! Too slow, too indecisive, too busy with work to think about it properly. Of course, now I can’t enter it is the very thing I want to

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Spotlight on Historical Weapons Re-enactments

Just as we immerse ourselves in writing of an historical time period, our characters emerging onto the pages to give the reader some sense of reality, there are people who, rather than writing about history, aim to actually live it.  These people are known as historical re-enactors and as of 2016, the Australia Living History

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Author spotlight – an interview with Kate Forsyth

Do you ever lift a book to your nose and inhale deeply? No? Seriously? You are missing out! Take this novel on my desk for instance. Lean in closer.  Can you smell the scent of something mysterious, a little bit magical? A dash of fairy tale and a waft of the historical? That, my friend,

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