Historical Novel Society Australasia 2021 Virtual Conference


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Writing Historical Romance: It’s Not Just About Frocks with Pamela Hart

Online Via Zoom

This 2-hour workshop will look at the differences between types of historical romances, in terms of reader expectations, research requirements and writing approaches. It will consider: What makes an historical love story a romance? When is it a romance and when an historical novel with romantic elements? What expectations do readers bring to specific sub-genres ... Read more

Writing Biographical Fiction with Sue Williams

Online Via Zoom

This workshop with Sue Williams will look at how to create compelling biographical fiction, using all the tools of non-fiction biography to research characters, but then interpreting the facts, and adding a flesh-and-blood overlay, to fashion a gripping and persuasive work of fiction. What’s the right balance between fact and fiction? Does consulting with an ... Read more

Danger, Mystery and Adventure: Writing Historical Fiction for Children and Young Adults with Belinda Murrell

Online Via Zoom

How do you bring the past alive for young readers and keep them turning the pages long into the night? How do you create captivating characters that kids will love? What are the magical ingredients you need for an enthralling historical book? In this workshop, award-winning, internationally published children’s author Belinda Murrell discusses the key ... Read more

Writing Family History with Paula Morris

Online Via Zoom

Writing family history demands curiosity, research, interviewing, writing, and critical thinking. How do you develop the research skills of a researcher, the investigative skills of a journalist, and the imaginative empathy of a creative writer? How do you deal with dead ends, false leads, and too much/too little information? This practical workshop with Paula Morris ... Read more

Bring Your Research to Life: Making Fiction from Historical Truth with Kathryn Heyman

Online Via Zoom

Humans seek meaning from the past, and we are hardwired to find that meaning through story. In this masterclass, award-winning novelist and memoirist Kathryn Heyman (Captain Starlight's Apprentice, Fury) helps you take research and turn it into a work of art. Whether you’re working on a novel inspired by true events, or setting an entirely ... Read more

Writing an Historical Series with Anne Gracie

Online Via Zoom

In this workshop Anne will share her knowledge about the benefits of writing in a series, features of various kinds of series, what makes a series work, how to set yourself up to write a series and discuss the different approaches to series made in different genres. This workshop will not be recorded. About Anne ... Read more

Writing Historical Fantasy with Alison Goodman

Online Via Zoom

Longing to add a touch of magic to your historical fiction? New York Times Bestseller Alison Goodman will guide you through the joys and jeopardies of mashing two popular genres together: historical fiction and fantasy. What are the genre conventions? Do you have to follow them? Why is it so important to keep track of ... Read more

Trove for Historical Novelists with Rachel Franks

Online Via Zoom

Trove is a gateway to an extraordinary range of resources, across many formats including: books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, objects and pictures. Join Rachel Franks for an introduction to this essential tool for the historical novelist. Focusing on newspapers, this session will look at search strategies and offer a few “tips and tricks” for using Trove. ... Read more

Scrivener for Beginners with Kelly Gardiner

Online Via Zoom

Scrivener is a low-cost software program created especially for writers. This practical session will introduce you to Scrivener’s strengths: how to use it to manage chapters and scenes, set and track word count targets, support your own writing process, incorporate research materials, and more. This workshop will not be recorded. About Kelly Gardiner Kelly Gardiner ... Read more

Pitching Your Work to Publishers with Emily Booth

Online Via Zoom

What should you do when your manuscript is ready to send to publishers? Where should you send it? How should you describe it? What information should go into your cover letter? Your author bio? Do you need a literary agent? All this and more will be covered in a broad introduction to manuscript submission. Informal ... Read more

Writing Historical Mysteries with Malla Nunn

Online Via Zoom

This workshop with Malla Nunn will look at the key elements needed to write a compelling historical mystery/crime novel. Where do you start? How do you choose where to set your novel and when? What elements keep the reader turning the page? How important is it to research all the details or is winging it ... Read more

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