Imagining the Past: with David Whish-Wilson

In our latest podcast episode, we talk to David Whish-Wilson, crime novelist and author of The Coves, about erased episodes in American and Australian gold rush history, writing about fascinating people from the past, and the allure of crime writing.

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David was born in Newcastle, NSW, but grew up in Singapore, Victoria and WA. He left Australia aged eighteen to live for a decade in Europe, Africa and Asia, where he worked as a barman, actor, street seller, petty criminal, labourer, exterminator, factory worker, gardener, clerk, travel agent, teacher and drug-trial guinea pig. He now lives in Fremantle and coordinates the creative writing program at Curtin University.

David will appear at our 2019 conference on the panel Survival of the Fittest, featuring authors whose protagonists face enormous physical and psychological challenges.

Our podcast, Imagining the Past, features interviews with writers of historical fiction from New Zealand and Australia.

Episodes are recorded and released in the months leading up to our conferences. You can subscribe to it in your favourite podcast app, listen to episodes on our blog, or follow us on Audioboom.

Imagining the Past is hosted by Kelly Gardiner.

David Whish-Wilson

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