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What historical fiction means to me: Sophie Masson

‘A novel that grips the heart as well as the mind; that you want to read more than once; that makes you feel you have gone on an extraordinary, illuminating and thoroughly immersive journey into the past…’  Each of us has our own idea of what makes a stand out historical novel. In this interview, award-winning

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What historical fiction means to me: Pamela Hart

‘A story which brings the past alive, getting the details right without compromising the story, is top of my wishlist.’ I’m sure we all must have a subconscious wishlist of criteria that we’re hoping will be met whenever we pick up a new work of fiction. In this HNSA interview, Pamela Hart, an award-winning historical

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What historical fiction means to me: Felicity Pulman

‘Meticulous research adds credibility and prestige to the work.’ As author of many children and adults’ historical novels, most set in medieval England, Felicity Pulman’s ‘meticulous research’ usually involves getting herself in situ. She has travelled to England on numerous occasions, including spending a 3-month residency there, to follow the historical threads and trails which

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What historical fiction means to me: G.S. Johnston

The ARA Historical Novel Prize will display the infinite variety of historical fiction, in subjects, writing styles and tones.  And show that it is fun. I hope the novel chosen is exceptionally accessible and will raise the awareness of the genre among readers to help breach any misconceptions.    Let’s sound a fanfare of trumpets: submissions for

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ARA Historical Novel Prize

Entries open for the $30,000 ARA Historical Novel Prize

The starting gun has sounded for the ARA Historical Novel Prize contest to begin! The submission period opens today and will close on 30 June 2020. Authors, agents and publishers can download the rules and nomination form from our ARA Historical Novel Prize page. Why enter? Major sponsor, ARA Group, is joining with HNSA, in

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What historical fiction means to me: Alison Goodman

‘We each read for our own recipe of delight, and I think an outstanding novel is when we find ourselves delighted in a new, original way.’ Award-winning author and New York Times best-selling fantasy novelist, Alison Goodman, is perhaps more likely to be found promenading in the Bath Guildhall ballroom, or promoting her novels in France

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What historical fiction means to me: Isolde Martyn

‘… historical novelists can step into the shadows where there are no torches.’ What a wonderful image this quote conjures of historical novelists! In this HNSA interview, Isolde Martyn, chair of the Plantagenet Society of Australia and award-winning author of eight historical novels, reveals her views on historical fiction and what it means to win

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What historical fiction means to me: Robyn Cadwallader

‘Historical fiction must always be shaped to some degree by the time in which it is written … I’m intrigued by the conversation between present and past that results; we learn about ourselves by thinking about the past.’ I love this quote which gives writers of historical fiction a real insight into how our contemporary

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