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Historical Crime Fiction and Mysteries with Meg Keneally

This workshop with Meg Keneally will look at how historical crime fiction works. What makes a good historical crime novel? How do you create a pacey, immersive reading experience? We’ll look at character, plot, setting and voice. This workshop will be interactive, so come prepared with questions! This workshop includes a 15 minute break. This

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Writing Parallel Narratives in Commercial Historical Fiction with Kayte Nunn

Half the work or double trouble? Kayte Nunn digs into the tricky world of braiding multiple narratives and time periods, revealing the pleasures and pointing out the pitfalls. Together, we’ll examine character, plot, narrative arcs, dialogue, tone, language, pace, setting, creating and sustaining tension and balancing timelines. This workshop includes a 15 minute break. This

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Writing Historical Fantasy with Alison Goodman

Longing to add a touch of magic to your historical fiction? New York Times Bestseller Alison Goodman will guide you through the joys and jeopardies of mashing two popular genres together: historical fiction and fantasy. What are the genre conventions? Do you have to follow them? Why is it so important to keep track of

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Writing an Historical Series with Anne Gracie

In this workshop Anne will share her knowledge about the benefits of writing in a series, features of various kinds of series, what makes a series work, how to set yourself up to write a series and discuss the different approaches to series made in different genres. This workshop will not be recorded. About Anne

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Writing Biographical Fiction with Sue Williams

This workshop with Sue Williams will look at how to create compelling biographical fiction, using all the tools of non-fiction biography to research characters, but then interpreting the facts, and adding a flesh-and-blood overlay, to fashion a gripping and persuasive work of fiction. What’s the right balance between fact and fiction? Does consulting with an

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Writing Historical Romance: It’s Not Just About Frocks with Pamela Hart

This 2-hour workshop will look at the differences between types of historical romances, in terms of reader expectations, research requirements and writing approaches. It will consider: What makes an historical love story a romance? When is it a romance and when an historical novel with romantic elements? What expectations do readers bring to specific sub-genres

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Writing Bootcamp with Pamela Hart

This one-day bootcamp focuses on the three areas every historical story needs- planning, writing and editing – concentrating on how to use the characters’ journeys and voices to bring the past alive. There will be time for students to discuss their WIP and to get Pamela’s guidance. This bootcamp will work best for students who

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Writing Bootcamp with Kelly Gardiner

In this bootcamp we’ll focus on getting the basics right, and expanding your technique and approach to make your writing even better. In lessons, exercises and group discussions, we’ll focus on the processes of drafting and revising, and crafting the key elements of good historical fiction. How do we incorporate our precious research without overwhelming

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