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Chat Salon: Fashion, Fabrics & Frocks – How To Dress Your Characters with Kathryn Gauci



In today’s world of lycra, fake fur, and disposable garments, we must not forget that the story of textiles is the story of civilization itself. Textiles have shaped who we are through inventions, art, and trade. It is not just costumes, and whether they are embellished or not, but the way they are used in interiors, etc.
As historical novelists, we decide on the era which interests us the most, then comes the plot and the characters. How do we use textiles to define who are characters are? We only have to think of Miss Fisher and Downton Abbey, and even Outlander, to know that textiles fascinate us as much as they did since the time of Cleopatra.
I do hope you will join me in discussing textiles and their use throughout history. How do we use them in our novels? Are they important to the character or storyline? Where do we get our inspiration from?
These are just some of the questions that are explored in this salon.

About Kathryn Gauci

Kathryn Gauci was born in England and studied textile and carpet design at Art College. After spending a year in Vienna and six years in Athens as a carpet designer, she ran her own textile design studio in Melbourne. After thirty years in the textile industry, she decided to become a historical fiction author. Her novels are set in WWII Europe, and WWI and II Greece and Turkey. She also gives presentations on the resistance in WWII, Ottoman, and Greek textiles. Her latest novel, The Song of the Partisans, set in WWII France, is her 10th book. Kathryn lives in Melbourne Victoria.


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