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Imagining the Past Podcast: Episode 7: Personal Histories: In Conversation with Nicole Alexander and Ella Carey

In this week’s episode of Imagining the Past, Irina Dunn speaks with Nicole Alexander and  Ella Carey about their writing journeys, the inspiration for their books, and why they draw upon family legend. Nicole Alexander writes sweeping epics evoking the grandeur of Australian landscapes, the hardships of rural life, and the turmoil of historic events. Ella Carey introduces

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Imagining the Past, episode 6: We Need to Talk Bette and Joan

In this week’s episode of Imagining the Past, Linda Funnell interviews Jane Caro and Ali Alizadeh about their approach to writing about well-known historical figures: in their cases Elizabeth I and Joan of Arc respectively. Elizabeth I and Joan of Arc have already been the subject of countless books, engendering myth, obsession and various interpretations

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Imagining the Past: Episode 5: The Feminine Mystique

This week’s episode of Imagining the Past is in memory of Elizabeth Jane Corbett who passed away earlier this year. She was a wonderful author and dedicated member of the HNSA Committee. Liz featured in our Feminine Mystique: Writing Strong Female Protagonists panel in HNSA 2019 chaired by Sophie Masson with Kirsty Murray and Juliet

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Introducing the HNSA Elizabeth Jane Corbett Mentorship Contest

Before COVID-19 changed our world, the HNSA community suffered its own sadness in January with the sudden and sorrowful death of Elizabeth Jane Corbett. Liz was a joyful, talented writer with a self-deprecating sense of humour and an ability to harness people’s enthusiasm for historical fiction. I first came across her nearly ten years ago

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Imagining the Past: Episode 4: Intertwining lives revealed

Our podcast episode this week explores a popular sub genre of historical fiction – parallel narratives. Our host, Greg Johnston, introduces a discussion chaired by Diane Murray with Tea Cooper, Carla Caruso and Emily Madden on Intertwining Lives Revealed: the mystery in parallel narratives. Please enjoy this recorded live session from the HNSA 2019 conference program, and subscribe

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Imagining the Past: Episode 3 – I am a camera

Our podcast episode this week is published in tribute to Julian Leatherdale who sadly passed away this year. He was a true gentleman with a great sense of humour and a love for the grandeur and history of heritage buildings in Sydney’s Blue Mountains where some of his books were set. Our host, Greg Johnston,

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Imagining the Past: Episode 2 – It’s Academic

The HNSA community has been rocked and deeply saddened this year by the untimely deaths of three of our HNSA family. Over the coming weeks, we will be honouring their memories by releasing episodes featuring recorded live sessions with Jesse Blackadder, Julian Leatherdale and Elizabeth Jane Corbett from the HNSA 2019 conference program. Today, our episode

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