A few last minute changes

In the past few months some of our wonderful speakers have withdrawn due to personal circumstances. I’m pleased to say that their replacements are just as talented. Take a look:

Bookseller, Scott Whitmont, and author, Catherine T Wilson, will step into the shoes of Melanie Prosser and Lucinda Brant in Connecting with Readers; the post publication journey on Saturday, 26th October in Stream 2 at 12.20 pm.

Doctoral candidate Josh Mostafa will replace Majella Cullinane in It’s Academic: the value of writing degrees on Saturday, 26th October in Stream 2 at 3pm.

Madison Shakespeare and Lisa Chaplin will now be appearing in Dispossession and Betrayal: recovering the erased history of First Nations instead of Marie Munkara and Katrina Schlunke on Sunday, 27th October in Stream 1 at 9.50 am.

Ilka Tampke will take Kim Wilkin’s place to join Kate Forsyth and Elisabeth Storrs in Love Potions and Witchcraft; superstitions and concoctions on Sunday, 27th October in Stream 1 at 3.55 pm.

Full details of all our program is set out on our HNSA conference page.

I look forward to seeing you all at HNSA 2019. Less than 2 weeks to go!

Elisabeth Storrs, HNSA Chair

Once again, historical fiction writers and readers can gather for a three stream program on the weekend of 26-27 October including our extended Academic stream on Sunday 27 October. This time there’s also a Craft & Publishing program on Friday 25 October with craft workshops, masterclasses and manuscript assessments with top class tutors. Our Guest of Honour is Jackie French. Keynote speaker Paula Morris will address our theme: History Repeats.

Among the 60 acclaimed speakers are patrons Kate Forsyth and Sophie Masson, Catherine Jinks, Ali Alizadeh, Lucy Treloar, Pamela Hart, Nicole Alexander, Jane Caro, Alison Goodman, Kelly Gardiner, Michelle Aung Thin, Meg Keneally, Majella Cullinane and so many more.

Enjoy a delicious meal at our conference dinner on Saturday 26 October where Anna Campbell will entertain us. You’ll also hear who’s won this year’s ARA HNSA Short Story Contest with a $500 prize, and the HNSA Colleen McCullough Residency.

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